For indepth information about NPersist please see Mats Helanders awesome e-book “Inside NPersist”.

PHD paper regarding proxy based AOP (using NAspect)

The paper uses an early version of NAspect as reference material, and I just wanted to notify readers that the performance issues that originally existed in NAspect are far smaller nowdays.
See for more info about performance.

Speech regarding Domain Driven Design and Aspect oriented programming + dependency injection:

This speech is highly recomended for anyone who is interested in NPersist since me and Mats argree 100% with the speaker.

 Domain Model Management by Mats Helander:

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  1. Dear Roger, the tar file containing your source code is defective. Could you please upload a working version ? Thank you for your great work. I am quite impressed and happy to get back to the business of GP.

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